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Reminder: SNAP Misfortune/Replacement Benefits in Response to Winter Storm Stella

Are your clients still in the dark? According to the Mass Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) website, 14,847 MA household are still without power as of 12:45 PM today. 

Other news sources yesterday reported between 40-70K households lost power in Massachusetts: 

We just want to remind folks about the DTA SNAP Replacement benefits for SNAP households  that ​lost power (for 4 hours or more) or flooding, ​and their food spoiled or ​became unsafe to consume as a result.

Any low income SNAP households that lose power or food is destroyed due to fire or flooding can request replacement SNAP benefits. The SNAP household must report the loss within 10 days of the food loss-- by phone or in writing.  If they get cash benefits, the client should call their DTA case worker. If they only get SNAP, call DTA at 877-382-2363. The client can also mail or fax a written statement of food loss to DTA.

Here's information on SNAP Misfortune Benefits on MLS.


The core steps to take include:

  • The SNAP household should report the loss of food verbally or within writing within 10 days of the food loss.

  • The household must then complete the DTA request for replacement SNAP form and submit it to DTA within 10 days of reporting the loss (copy of form on MLRI's SNAP Replacement webpage). 

  • DTA will confirm what happened by contacting a third party, using news reports or, in unusual cases, visiting the client's home.  

  • DTA should issue replacement SNAP quickly - either within 10 days of getting the report of the food loss, or within 2 days of getting the completed form whichever is later.