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Public Comments due by August 20 on MassHealth Access to Care Report

A November 2015 federal regulation requires a "transparent data-driven process for states to document whether Medicaid payments are sufficient to enlist providers to assure beneficiary access to covered care and services." MassHealth has developed a draft plan and released it for public comments by August 20, 2016. 

The draft access plan indicates it is only addressing access to care in the fee for service and PCC Plan not in the MCOs, SCO, OneCare or the Partnership where it says other reporting rules apply. The MassHealth plan concludes that access to care is currently "sufficient and consistent with" federal Medicaid law requirements.

CMS will also use these plans in the context of state proposals to  reduce or restructure rates.

The draft plan, a link to the federal regulation and a brief description of the requirements are posted on the MassHealth website here: 

More to come after we here at MLRI have had a chance to read the Plan.