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Please contact Reps to support Rep. Decker's Amendment # 1108-- level-funding for TAFDC and a long-overdue grant increase

Attached is a fact sheet on Rep. Decker's amendment # 1108 to provide level-funding for TAFDC in order to support a grant increase of about $70 for the typical family. The amendment also preserves the $40/month rent allowance for TAFDC families who are paying for private un-subsidized housing.  House Ways and Means did not include the rent allowance in its proposed budget, but the House budget will be debated and voted on next week.  

An impressive 50 representatives co-sponsored the Decker amendment, thanks to efforts by many of the SNAP Coalition.  Co-sponsors are listed on the back of the fact sheet.  And here's a link to the Invest in Families Campaign: /tafdc4kids

Please use the next few days to thank State Reps who co-sponsored and ask those State Reps who did not co-sponsor to support the Decker amendment.  Please also activate your networks to make calls urging support for amendment #1108. Ask both co-sponsors and other Reps who support this amendment to:

(1) Tell Rep. Decker they will work with her to get the amendment adopted.

(2) Communicate their support for the amendment to leadership.

(3) Support Rep. Decker on the amendment in caucus.


Thank you. Let us know if you have any questions and what response you get. 

Deborah Harris, Mass. Law Reform Institute

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