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Ops Memo 2014-08: Unaccessed EBT Benefits


Cash balances held on an EBT cards are a countable asset for TAFDC and EAEDC purposes with certain exceptions. SNAP balances are not a countable asset for any DTA program. Additionally, all program benefits held on EBT cards that are not accessed for time periods specified by regulation are expunged.

Effective with BEACON Build 46.1 (scheduled for February 10, 2014), the Department is automating many of the procedures previously outlined in Operations Memo 2013-32. Additionally the Department is implementing a new procedure of making stale, i.e., unaccessed, SNAP benefits dormant. This procedure is known as storing stale SNAP benefits “offline.”

This memo explains the procedures for handling high EBT card balances, including BEACON automation and case manager actions. Unaccessed benefits may be made unavailable through the offline process or by expungement. The process to request restoration of these benefits will be addressed in Operations Memo 2014-9.

Purpose of Memo
The purpose of this Operations Memo is to:

  • advise staff of new BEACON changes and notices;
  • introduce offline SNAP benefits; and
  • render existing procedures obsolete.

Obsolete Memo
This Operations Memo obsoletes Operations Memo 2013-32.

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