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Hi everyone,

This is just to alert you to some new & updated information posted in the health section of (all are in the Medicaid folder)

  • A new fair hearing decision where BOH reversed an MCO's denial of the off label use of a drug. Attorney for appellant was a law student at the time & is now a new attorney at HLA --Congratulations & welcome to John White. (secure site)
  • A complaint for judicial review challenging BOH dismissing an appeal as untimely filed and AAG's agreement that BOH will hear the case on remand. Congrats to Nancy Lorenz of GBLS. (secure site)
  • An update of MLRI's outline on how to file a 30-A complaint --The ABCs of Filing a Complaint for Judicial Review of a MassHealth Board of Hearings Decision. Thanks to John Ford for adding a new paragraph on nursing facility discharge appeals. (public site)
  • A Powerpoint training from June 2016 about representing clients in MassHealth cases that may be helpful for new advocates in your offices.

Also check out the blog post in the health section for updates on recent developments in MassHealth/Connector/Health Safety Net.

Remember you must log-in to see the content on the secure site. Please keep sending us your MassHealth decisions as well as any Memos/Letters and other advocacy materials that may be helpful to your colleagues.