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My Year on Food Stamps -- Huffington Post story from a woman in Maine

This is a most amazing, powerful story of one woman's financial struggles and how SNAP (food stamps) made a huge difference in her and her child's life.  These are the kinds of stories that put a human face on the program, highlight how important SNAP benefits are and why we need to defend this program. As Wendy Fontaine says, "If I learned one thing during our year on food stamps, it is that everyone needs help at one time or another. No matter how smart or successful we think we are, life can turn on a dime. The walls we build to protect ourselves can be knocked down in an instant. For me, the federal food stamp program was the safety net it was designed to be."  See:

Please reach out to your clients, family members and friends who currently or previously needed SNAP benefits. Urge them to tell their stories, either in the press or perhaps privately in a letter their Congressperson and Senators Brown and Kerry. We need these stories NOW more than ever!