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MLRI FAQ on SNAP Job Search Rules and Exemptions; DTA Q&A on college students during summer break

SNAP Job Search Rules, Exemptions and Good Cause:
MLRI has received a number of questions about the SNAP employment and training requirements, in particular the job search rules. In March 2014, DTA elected to impose a "mandatory" job search policy on SNAP recipients. See DTA Operations Memo 2014-20. This SNAP mandatory policy is very disappointing. The majority of states continue to have voluntary SNAP work search programs and do not sanction SNAP households for failure to do job search. (See USDA SNAP State Options Report August 2012,, pg 16). 
Recently, MLRI has heard from SNAP Coalition members and recipients about job search related sanctions, including from individuals who were exempt but erroneously sanctioned for not doing job search, and individuals who sent DTA the required 18 job contact form but DTA failed to properly track form. In addition, some clients have reported difficulty doing job search due to lack of funds for transportation costs, or to buy cell phone minutes on their phones. Attached is an FAQ for any clients who are asked to do job search. Please screen carefully for exemptions and good cause. (We will be translating this into Spanish.) 
And here are links to two DTA SNAP documents your clients may need to verify an impairment or to list their job search efforts:
SNAP Policy on College Students During Summer Break:
In the June 2014 Transitions, DTA includes Hotline Q & As about what happens to SNAP eligibility for college students during the summer vacation period. Attached is the June Hotline Q &A. 
The skinny is - if a college student was SNAP eligible during the school year, her SNAP continues. If he/she was not student eligible, s/he is not SNAP eligible during the summer months unless otherwise a qualifying student. So, for example, if the student gets a summer job (e.g. working at least 20 hours a week), the student is included in the SNAP grant, but so his her or her income. For more on SNAP and college students, click HERE