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MLRI analysis of DTA and other human services sections of the Governor's FY19 Budget

Here's a link to MLRI's Preliminary Analysis of the Governor's proposed FY19 state budget released yesterday: 
For those interested in EOHHS programs, note that we don't analyze like most DMH, and most DPH programs, there is an overview from EOHHS posted here:  Our summary of DTA program line items and brief summary of nutrition programs is on pages 1-6 of this missive. 
In the food and nutrition arena, we note that the HIP program is level funded at the initial FY18 appropriation of $1.35 M (but you would not know this from the line item b.c the earmark language is not in the Governor's budget).  For more on the HIP program and action steps, see  But this is only the opening salvo, so important to keep your focus on House members on all budget items.