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Miscellaneous Health Updates

A few miscellaneous updates for you--

1. NEW TIME LIMITS FOR BUYING INSURANCE ON YOUR OWN. If you help people who buy health insurance on their own, until Nov 30, insurance laws permit continuous enrollment at any point in the year. This is changing. After Nov 30, people can buy individual insurance only during open enrollment periods or after losing other coverage. This does not affect people getting insurance through work or through government-subsidized programs like MassHealth. See this summary of the new rules prepared by the Dept. of Insurance.

2. BASIC BENEFIT TRAINING SCHEDULE. We just completed the Health Access training on Nov 10, but want to remind you about the remaining schedule including sessions on Elder Benefits & Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits in March 2011.   

3. October 2010 UPDATE TO 2009 MASSHEALTH GUIDE. See the October 2010 update to the 2009 edition of the MassHealth Advocacy Guide.