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MassHealth Renewals & Dentures

Renewal Progress Report

Excellent article on the front page of today's (May 15) Globe on MassHealth renewals of 1.2 million members.

MassHealth on massive hunt to verify eligibility

State has to check up on 1.2 million people. Locate 1.2 million people. Find even the thousands of them who don'€™t speak English or don't have a place to live. Get them to fill out a 26-page application. Process those forms. And get it done by the end of the year.

Read the full article here :

Dentures are back

For the first time in 5 years, MassHealth is once again covering dentures in the adult dental program effective today May 15.

"Effective for dates of service beginning May 15, 2015, and notwithstanding the descriptions and limitations in 130 CMR 420.428, MassHealth will also pay for certain prosthodontic services (full and partial dentures, including repairs) for members age 21 and older." 

Read the full provider transmittal letter DEN-93 here: