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MassHealth Coverage - Relatives Caring for Minor Children

Pat Baker- MLRI

The following information comes from Greater Boston Legal

Are you a Grandparent caring for your Grandchildren?

You may be eligible for MASSHEALTH

Have you been told you are not eligible for MassHealth because
you are not a parent of minor children?

Are you caring for your minor grandchildren, nieces, nephews or

MassHealth has illegally denied coverage to some grandparents and
other relatives who are caring for minor children. We would like
to talk to you to see if you may be eligible for benefits. If
you meet the eligibility standards, we can help you obtain

For more information call the Health Unit at Greater Boston Legal
Services, (617) 603-1804 or 1-800-323-3205.

Prepared by Greater Boston Legal Services, May 2000.

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