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MassHealth 1115 amendment update-Oct 20 comment deadline

This is the latest on proposed MassHealth eligibility & benefit cuts in the second of two sets of pending 1115 amendments

1. EOHHS submitted 1115 request to CMS on 9-8-17; documents posted here:

CMS is accepting comments until OCT 20, 2017, here:

EOHHS will also need state legislation to implement some of its requests --the Governor sent back a bill in July as part of his veto message on the FY 18 budget (attachment F) --so far the legislature has taken no action on the cuts proposed in the bill.  The Senate is expected to come out with a comprehensive bill addressing health care costs in commercial and public coverage this fall.

2. EOHHS made some changes & promises more; but overall the 1115 proposal as submitted is still problematic

MLRI has prepared a Table summarizing the proposed changes in July, our concerns with those proposals, the request that was submitted to CMS in September, and the remaining objections to the proposal, here:

Comments by MLRI and several other advocacy groups on the July proposal are posted here.

All 49 comments received by EOHHS are posted here.