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Mass Budget Policy Center, MMPI, MLRI Conference Summary of Health Budget

Here is the budget comparison of the House and Senate Budget for health care issues, as summarized by Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute, Mass Budget & Policy Center and MLRI.\

Calls are needed to your representatives and senators urging them to contact conferees regarding:
the need to go with the Senate amount in terms of ACA expansion in order to fund to the maximum degree possible the expansion options proposed by the Governor in House 1.  Line item:4000-0940
On Dental •
The Senate earmarks $13.0 million for a partial restoration of adult dental coverage that would cover fillings in all teeth and directs MassHealth to determine a start date for the restoration. The House does not appropriate funds for restoration of adult dental benefits but instead includes language (section 74) authorizing the use of any year-end FY 2013 surplus revenue for a number of purposes, including $17.2 million for MassHealth and Connector coverage of fillings.  An ideal conference outcome would be to use the 17.2 million dollar amount from the House but to use the direct appropriation approach of the Senate.
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