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July 29 Health Update


Governor signs FY 2023 Budget on July 28, 2022

·         Increase in Medicare Saving Programs upper income limit to 225% of the poverty level

In his signing statement the Governor says the increases will benefit 65,000 low income Medicare beneficiaries. The current upper limit is 165% of the poverty level. 


·         Two-year pilot program to raise the income limit for help with insurance costs through the Health Connector to 500% of the poverty level returned with amendment

The Governor sends back to the legislature the two-year  pilot program to  increase the upper income limit of ConnectorCare from the current cap of 300% of the federal poverty level to 500%  of the poverty level . His amendment directs the Health Connector together with EOHHS to issue a report by March 31 2023 addressing the financial and operational details of such a pilot.


SNAP Check Off Box Added to Online Application July 27

CMS approves MassHealth extension of post -partum coverage to 12 months July 26

Release 25 enhancements will go live July 27, 2022, which will include: 

·         Establishing Pregnancy 

·         New SNAP Checkbox 

·         System Enhancements and Display:

o   Report A Change (RAC) Options 

o   RFI Enhancements

o   Lawful Presence update 

o   Ability to Update Information when HUB Services is Unavailable

See MTF Learning Series Slides to be posted here soon:


July 29, 2022 Governor signs abortion protection bill