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House Ways and Means FY2015 Budget Released: MLRI analysis; TAFDC grant increase campaign Action Alert - Call Reps to Sign onto Rep Decker Amendment !

Ways and Means FY2015 Budget Analysis:
Yesterday, April 9, 2014, the House Committee on Ways and Means released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2015 (FY 15). The bill number is House 4000. MLRI offers this preliminary analysis of selected budget topics impacting low-income residents of the Commonwealth including cash and nutrition assistance, child care, child welfare, health care, homelessness services and housing items. Here's a link to MLRI's  preliminary analysis of the HW&M proposed budget.
The House Ways and Means budget proposes to spend $50M less for TAFDC benefits next year (FY2015) than in this current fiscal year (FY2014). This steep drop in funding is due to both declining caseloads as well as an unexpected cut in the $40 rent allowance (paid to families in private un-subsidized housing). TAFDC grants pay barely one-third of the federal poverty level - the maximum grant for a family of three is $618 a month. The $50 million - level funding with Fy2014 - is enough to both restore the rent allowance and increase TAFDC grants by about $70 a month for the typical TAFDC family. See attached fact sheet. 

Please contact your state representative today and tomorrow AM. 

Ask him or her to support Rep Marjorie Decker's amendment to level fund TAFDC at the FY2014 appropriation, restore the rent allowance and invest TAFDC savings in our lowest income children.  You can find contact information for your legislators at Where Do I Vote.  For more on the TAFDC Grant Increase campaign, go to: /tafdc4kids 

Upcoming SNAP Coalition Meetings:  The April SNAP Coalition meeting in Boston is Tuesday, April 22nd from 10 to Noon at St Francis House.  The Food Bank of Western Mass SNAP Coalition is Friday, April 25th in Hatfield. Details to follow. 
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