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Hotline Focus 04/10


From the Hotline

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Q. My SNAP client recently reported that she has volunteered for a job. As we discussed the details of her position, I learned that she got her job through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Also, she mentioned that she is receiving pay for this work. Do I count the earned income she is receiving in determining her eligibility and/or benefit amount?

A. No. Earnings received by individuals under SCSEP or the National Senior Network, Inc. programs are excluded for SNAP purposes. See 106 CMR 363.230(K) for more information on funds received by individuals from the Older American Community Service Employment Program.

Q. I have a thirty-year-old EAEDC applicant who has temporarily lost movement in his limbs, due to a recent stroke. The EAEDC Medical Report completed by his physician indicates that while the applicant’s disability is expected to last at least 60 days, the expected duration of the disability is between three to six months. Must this applicant apply for and cooperate in the SSI application process?

A. No. If your EAEDC applicant’s disability is expected to last between three to six months, then he does not “appear to meet the age or disability standards” for SSI and therefore is not required to apply for or cooperate with the SSI application process. See 106 CMR 702.710(B) for more information on SSI application requirements in the EAEDC Program.

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