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Heads Up: DTA's Assistance Line and SAO Lines are down right now

We just received notice of this problem.  Please keep track of any urgent client issues (e.g. persons cut off, emergency applications not being processed) and report them to the Ombuds Office. 
Note - DTAConnect is still operating. DTA clients can communicate with DTA by writing a note and uploading it to DTA Connect if need be. And BEACON is operational, so SNAP and cash workers are presumably still able to  process cases, but the DTA Assistance Line and Senior Assistance Office (SAO) phone lines are BOTH DOWN
We do not know how long this phone system will take to fix - a few hours or days, we do not know.  We will keep you posted. . 
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From: Craven, Sara (DTA) <>
Date: Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 11:37 AM
Subject: DTA Assistance Line Issue

Good Morning Advisory Board Members:


The DTA Assistance Line is currently unable to connect callers with DTA staff directly. Automated prompts are still available. Clients who had a SNAP interview scheduled will be rescheduled. Our IT staff are working to quickly resolve the issue and we will provide an update when fixed.

Please remind clients that they can use to apply for all DTA benefits and get case information.


Thank you.


Sara Craven

Director, Ombuds Unit

Department of Transitional Assistance