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HCWG materials & Renewals for 65+

HCWG Meeting Materials
I've attached the powerpoint and other documents from our Health Care Working Group meeting earlier this week. 
MassHealth Renewals Resuming for 65+
Another MassHealth update: we recently learned from MassHealth that they are resuming renewals for members turning 65 (renewals had been on hold during the COVID-19 emergency). If the member's redetermination would result in a downgrade or termination, or if the member doesn't timely return the renewal form, then MassHealth will protect their current benefit for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. This action will hopefully help ensure that those in CarePlus who become newly eligible for Medicare will be able to access MSP benefits, but we are waiting to hear more details from MassHealth.
We do not yet know when these renewals will resume, and we haven't seen this plan in writing yet. If anybody has heard about these renewals being sent out, please let us know.