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FYI: Separate Household Status for Certain Disabled Adults


Under food stamp regulations at 106 CMR 361.200 (Household Concept), a person who lives with others but purchases and prepares meals separate and apart from others can be a separate household. USDA has clarified that this provision also applies to any person who is too disabled to purchase and prepare his or her own food but who has arranged to have food purchased and prepared separately from those with whom he or she lives. Even if the person who shops for food or prepares meals for the disabled person is residing with the disabled person, the disabled person may claim separate household status. The client's self-declaration of this arrangement is sufficient, unless questionable. The BEACON Narratives Tab must also be annotated to
document the household situation.

AU Managers are also reminded that an elderly and disabled individual who is unable to purchase and prepare meals due to the disability, may claim separate household status (with his or her spouse or child under 22, if applicable), even when his or her meals are purchased and prepared together with others. In order for an elderly and disabled individual to claim separate household status, the income of the others with whom he or she resides must be no more than 165 percent of the net income eligibility standard for a household of the appropriate size. See 106 CMR 361.200(B) (4) and 106 CMR 364.975 for details.

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