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Food SNAP Coalition Meeting, Tuesday, March 26th - AGENDA

This is a reminder of our upcoming meeting on Tuesday, March 26th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House - 39 Boylston Street, Boston (barring any more snow storms). DTA's new Interim Commissioner Stacey Monahan will be joining us for part of the meeting to meet Coalition members, hear your concerns and priorities moving forward, discuss the current round of Listening Sessions and goals for DTA. 

The AGENDA will include:
  • Federal update on Budget, Continuing Resolution and Farm Bill issues; ongoing work to support our Congressional Delegation; Senate WIC restoration
  • State budget update, legislation and recent rumblings re welfare reform
  • Welcome to Interim Commissioner Monahan, update on Listening Sessions (Commissioner may arrive closer to 11 AM)
  • FNS NERO Program Access Review (input from community groups still needed)
  • Brief review of language access and DTA protocol using language line; DTA "I Speak"brochure (see recent email); discussion of identifying language spoke on Web applications 
  • Update on recent discussions with Web Unit re application processing, submission of verifications, interviews at local offices
  • SNAP outreach to elders including discussion of SNAP application obligations at local Social Security Offices
  • Ongoing discussion re strategies to address the under-utilization of medical expense deductions among elder and disabled SNAP households 
  • Local SNAP issues 
  • Announcements, upcoming events 
If you have additional agenda items, please let me know.