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Federal poverty level increase & updated medical expense "sweet spot" chart

Increase in 200% Federal Poverty Level gives small boost to SNAP gross income test 

The federal Department of Health and Human Services recently announced an increase in the federal poverty level (FPL), effective 1/31/17. For SNAP purposes, this only impacts the 200% FPL gross income test. The 130% FPL, 100% FPL and maximum SNAP benefit levels have NOT changed (these are adjusted October 1st).

We have updated the SNAP Calculation work sheet and the SNAP online and excel calculators.

Updated SNAP medical expense deduction "sweet spot" chart

We also updated MLRI's medical expense deduction benchmarks or "sweet spot" chart with the updated FPL- below.  Claiming medical expenses can often make a big difference in the SNAP benefits for househlds with an elder or disabled member.  ,Sometimes it doesn't if the SNAP household receives the maximum SNAP benefit, or if household gross income is over 140% FPL and shelter costs are low. This chart gives a ball park for when claiming medical expense helps elder/disabled clients who pay at least 30% of their income on rent.

Best to  to check the exact SNAP math to see if collecting more medical cost verifications will make a difference.  

For more information on the SNAP medical expense deduction, visit our SNAP medical expense deduction web page.

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