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Feb 5 Health Update


Some highlights from events in the last week...


1.      Vaccine distribution --hot off the presses today, Gov Baker's announcement of  Call Center to help people age 75 or older having trouble making appointments on website


Please let us know if your organization is working on equitable vaccine distribution: or


2.      Tuesday, Pres. Biden signed an Executive Order on public charge -it directs DHS and other federal agencies to review the Trump Administration’s public charge rule and identify actions to address concerns and take steps to reduce fear and confusion among impacted communities. The order directs agencies to submit recommendations to the President within 60 days.  


3.       MassHealth and the Health Connector guidance on treatment of income from 2d round stimulus payments and added $300 bump in unemployment compensation authorized by the Dec 27, 2020 Coronavirus Relief Act. 


4.      MLRI’s Preliminary Analysis of House 1, the Governor’s proposed budget for FY 2022 filed last Wednesday.