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Electronic Document Management (EDM)


What is Electronic Document Management?

Electronic Document Management, or EDM, is the new document management system used by DTA to scan and keep track of client forms and documents (verifications). EDM changes how documents are received by DTA. Documents are now processed out of one centralized location, which happens to be in Taunton, MA. The DTA Electronic Document Management Center (EDMC) receives documents by mail or by fax. The EDCM scans and labels or "indexes" the documents with the client case information and forwards the documents electronically to the local DTA office handling the case. The local DTA office then tells the case manager that there are new documents to look at and process. The documents include client verifications (birth certificates, rent receipts, wage stubs, etc) as well as forms the client has filled out and signed (SNAP applications, work search forms, etc). 

EDM is used for all DTA cases--SNAP and cash.  DTA offices will give applicants and recipients that come into the local DTA office pre-stamped/pre-addressed DTA envelopes to mail in SNAP or cash assistance verifications directly to DTA's  EDMC.  After scanning documents, the EDMC usually shreds the paper documents, But, DTA clients have the right to ask DTA to mail back any verifications sent in,  This should be done in writing. 

How do I send documents to DTA?

DTA clients and helping agencies can get documents to DTA EDMC one of three ways: 

1.  By FAX:    (617) 887-8765.  (see sample FAX cover sheet pdf below)

2.  By U.S. Mail at the address below: 

Department of Transitional Assistance EDMC

P.O. Box 4406

Taunton, MA 02780

3.  By hand delivering documents to local DTA offices:  

DTA eliminated "drop boxes" at local DTA offices to encourage clients to mail or fax documents to Taunton EDM. Nonetheless, DTA staff are still supposed to accept review hand-delivered documents to determine if those documents need to be processed immediately. If they are not "urgent" (necessary for a case that will close within 5 days), then DTA staff are directed to forward these documents to the EDMC.  Federal SNAP law requires that DTA accept documents mailed, faxed OR hand-delivered to a local DTA office. 7 CFR 273.2(f)(5).  


  • It may be best to use the EDM fax number to have a receipt showing when the documents were submitted and keep the originals.  
  • It is important to include the client name and Agency ID or SSN on the fax cover sheet so that EDMC clerical staff can correctly label the documents. Also, if you are submitting an online Virtual Gateway application please indicate that on the fax cover sheet. 
  • A "Fax Cover Sheet" is available below, but there is NO requirement you use a specific DTA fax cover sheet.
  • Clients can get back any documents they send by mail, such as birth certificates, wage stubs, leases or rent receipts, etc.  Be sure to request the EDMC return these documents in writing when you mail the documents.  

DTA Operations Memos to the Field on EDM and "My Workspace".

Training Materials for DTA Case Managers and Clerical Staff on Electronic Document Imaging and Document Management:

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