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DTA Connect-- Mobile App is here!

DTA Connect Mobile App is here!

DTA Connect--DTA's mobile app--is available for download starting TODAY! (Monday August 29th). We are excited about DTA Connect and think it will be a great way to quickly get a lot of case information.

What is DTA Connect?

DTA Connect is a mobile app. It is free and can be downloaded for iPhones at the App store or for Androids on Google play. DTA Connect can be used on a smartphone or tablet (such as an iPad). Once the app is downloaded, clients can log in with their Social Security Number and year of birth to see information about their case. 

Clients whose cases are active (open) or pending can log in. Clients whose case is closed but was open in the previous 90 days can also see information about their case. Domestic violence clients with a heightened level of security on their case will not be able to see their case information on DTA Connect. 

DTA Connect includes a lot of case information, such as:

  • Benefit Summary case status, monthly benefit amount, next benefit issue date, EBT card balance and recertification due date
  • Alerts updates including upcoming appointments or deadlines 
  • Notices copies of notices sent to clients in the previous 90 days
  • Documents whether documents submitted in the previous 90 days have been processed

How is DTA Connect different from the My Account Page?

  • There is no need to create an account, remember a password or know the EBT card number to log in! Just log in with SSN and year of birth.
  • Unlike the MAP, DTA Connect does not have information about the history of SNAP deposited onto EBT card (this is important when checking if, for example, a SNAP case was incorrectly  pro-rated)
  • Unlike the MAP, DTA Connect only includes documents received and notices sent going back 90 days. The MAP has notices going back 12 months and document information going back 18 months.

If you need information that is on the MAP but not on DTA Connect, here are some resources on how to use a MAP:

Can I use DTA Connect to see my clients cases?

 Due to security concerns the app can only be accessed in a limited way. If one device logs in to multiple cases, there is a protocol in place to "lock out" that device. 

As it has been explained to us, the app will keep record of the log-ins from a single mobile device. If multiple cases are accessed from the same device, it will "lock" (prevent further access). This means community groups cannot use the app from one mobile phone or tablet to see information on multiple cases. We are waiting on additional information about the specifics of these security protocols. Let Vicky Negus know if you would like more information on this. 

Eventually there will be an option for provider log-ins. In the meantime, the My Account Page can still be used if you have a release and client authorization. Attached is a sample release form in English and Spanish that covers DTA electronic records.

Where can I find more information?

DTA's website:

DTA's YouTube videos about DTA Connect:

Spanish -\

Also attached is a simple flyer from DTA.

Will DTA Connect have more features in the future?

DTA has a series of changes planned down the road for DTA Connect, including eventually allowing clients to submit documents directly via the app as well as an option for provider log ins.

Please use DTA Connect and let us know what you think! Share ideas or problems with Vicky at DTA is receptive to feedback on how to improve DTA Connect moving forward.