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Consumer Rights for DV Survivors in Massachusetts

National Consumer Law Center

Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors, National Consumer Law Center, (2011)

"Many victims and survivors of domestic violence have financial difficulties. This is common and
nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps your abuser handled all the money in the household, and you are
not sure how to get started in managing your own finances. Perhaps your abuser is intentionally
creating money troubles for you, by forcing you to sign financial documents, running up debts in
your name or refusing to pay child support or make rent or mortgage payments. You may also simply
have difficulty paying for necessary living expenses with only your own income.

The information in this packet is intended to help you:
• Separate your finances from your abuser;
• Deal with any existing debts;
• Stay financially independent in the future and avoid traps and scams; and
• Get more help and information with these issues."

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