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Congress proposes MAJOR cuts to WIC, thousands of women/children

At this AM's Coalition meeting, members discussed a range of cuts to federal programs on the chopping block before Congress. Here is the latest information on proposed cuts to the WIC program including a report from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities 

Proposed WIC Cuts Would End Food Assistance for 325,000 to 475,000 Low-Income Women and Children

"House Republicans are proposing a cut in the WIC nutrition program that would force WIC to turn away 325,000 to 475,000 eligible low-income women and young children next year. This cut — part of the 2012 appropriations bill that Rep. Jack Kingston, chairman of the House agriculture appropriations subcommittee, unveiled today — would break a 15-year commitment by Administrations and Congresses of both parties to provide enough WIC funding to serve all eligible women, infants, and children who apply."