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Confirming the July SNAP Coalition meeting: Tuesday July 28th

This is to confirm the next SNAP Coalition in Boston is Tuesday, July 28th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House, 39 Boylston Street, Boston. 
We realized we may have confused folks at one point with an earlier email stating it was July 21st (which was based on room limitations at St Francis House which have since resolved themselves). Sorry !ÂAlso, there is NO Boston-based SNAP Coalition meeting in August but we will keep you posted of any meetings in Worcester and Western MA. 
The Elder SNAP Working Group had an excellent meeting with DTA Commissioner McCue and EOEA Secretary Bonner and their staff yesterday, discussed a number of recommendations upon which we will give you an update at the July 28th meeting if not before. Commissioner McCue also announced the new SNAP Director, who was at the meeting and will be officially starting on July 27th - so you will meet her then!  We can say hands down that DTA chose a superb candidate to tackle a huge job!
Pat and Vicky