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Commonwealth Care "Exception Letter" Q&A


Advocates and outreach workers have been inundated with the curious phenomenon known as the Commonwealth Care "Exception Letter".  In response to many questions and concerns about the correct use of these letters the Connector Authority has put out the attached Q&A.The first question and answer explains in a nutshell what this is all about:1. What is an “exception letter”?a. An exception letter is a notice that Commonwealth Care applicants or membersreceive when they report that their current employer offered them insurancewithin the last six months. Ordinarily, a person who is eligible for employer sponsoredinsurance is not eligible for Commonwealth Care.b. The exception letter provides the opportunity to identify certain exceptions themember/applicant might meet to qualify them for Commonwealth Carecoverage (e.g., they are in a waiting period for their employer’s health insurance).I have also attached an"Exception Letter" for you to see.Advocates have reported the inappropriate use of the exceptions letter, which invariably slows down the processing time for a Commonwealth Care application.  If you have clients who received one of these letters but should not have, let Neil

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