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Coalition meeting TOMORROW! Reminder on College Students and SNAP

This is a quick reminder that the Food SNAP Coalition is tomorrow, Tuesday, September 27th, from 10 to Noon at St Francis House in Boston, 39 Boylston Street, 6th floor. 

We have gotten some recent inquiries about student eligibility and SNAP benefits. This is a quick reminder that MANY college students are indeed eligible for SNAP if they meet the financial and other SNAP eligibility rules. It is important to note students under age 22 who live with parents must be part of the parent's SNAP household and cannot get their own SNAP benefits. Students, age 18 or older, who lives with others who are not parents (nor a spouse), qualify if they meet the normal "purchase and prepare" rules (must purchase and prepare more than half of his/her food separate from others). 

To qualify, a college or university student must also meet specific eligibility exemptions if the student is attending least part time and enrolled in a course of study which requires the student to have a high school degree or GED. (If enrolled less than part-time, or enrolled in a course of study that does not require a high school degree or GED, the student exemption rules should not apply).  Here's a like to MLRI produced client materials on the student status exemption options which qualify students for SNAP: The most recent change in SNAP rules is that community college students in career-based programs are eligible even if they do not receive work study and are not working part time. Here's a link to the DTA Operations Memo which implemented this change for community college students in 2010.

Please let MLRI know if you have students who were denied SNAP or advised they could not qualify.