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CHIPRA (AWSS) Upgrades in Eligibility in Effect in Advance of State Regulations

Neil Cronin
Even though the office of Medicaid has not yet published regulations on the matter, under the provisions of the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) various classes of AWSS immigrants (five year barred immigrants) have been upgraded to better programs for health coverage.  See the attached Eligibility Operations Memo 09-11.  The effective date of these upgrades was August 28th.
Included in the upgrades were:
  • Five year barred AWSS children under the age of 19 with incomes under 150% FPL are upgraded from state-funded family assistance to full MassHealth Standard.
  • Five year barred AWSS children under age 19 with incomes between 150 and 200% FPL get fully federally reimbursed Family Assistance instead of state-funded benefits.
  • Five year barred AWSS children under 19 between 200 and 300% FPL are upgraded from CMSP to federally reimbursed full family assistance benefits.
  • Five year barred AWSS pregnant women with incomes under 200% FPL are upgraded from the Healthy Start Program to full MassHealth Standard benefits.
Please let Vicky (ext 318) or Neil (ext 309) know if you have clients who should have been upgraded but were not.  Remember, these upgrades have been made effective August 28th, in advance of the final promulgation of CHIPRA regulations.
Neil Cronin, Policy Analyst/Advocate
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
99 Chauncy Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
617-357-0700 ext.309
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