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Calls to Senator Markey and Warren needed TODAY - Vote NO on Senate FY18 Resolution, Protect Safety Net programs

URGENT: Please make 2 calls, 1 tweet or FB posting - TODAY!

Senate is expected to vote TODAY on a Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution that paves the way for Congress to pass tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations and add the $1.5 trillion cost of those tax cuts to budget deficits—which will force deep cuts down the road to various safety net programs and other public investments that help communities thrive.  Here are a few  short pieces from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities  on what the budget resolution means for vulnerable populations or program areas, including nutrition.

Even it it passes, the budget resolution is just the first step in the budget and tax process this year, and the ultimate goal is not to stop the resolution but to stop a bad tax bill that comes next.  Some members will vote for this resolution arguing that they are just “moving the process forward. We need for them to continue to hear from groups that this is a bad plan.

Senators Markey and Warren have been champions in protecting the safety net. Please THANK THEM for their hard work, but also urge them to continue to speak out.

Please make a phone call or email:

Contact Senator Markey:

Contact Senator Warren:

Please tweet one of the following or your own message:

#SNAPMatters @SenWarren @SenMarkey Protect millions of Americans against hunger & poverty. Vote NO to proposed #SenateBudget

#SNAPMatters @SenWarren @SenMarkey Vote NO on tax cuts for the wealthy at expense of low & moderate income people. #SenateBudget

#SNAPMatters @SenWarren @SenMarkey The #SenateBudget will help the wealthy and harm low & moderate income families. Vote NO. 

Here are some shareable graphics you can include in your social media.

Please write letters to your local media outlets in opposition to these cuts.We need to explain to the public why the Senate Budget Resolution is harmful. Your voice is important.