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Alert for Legal Immigrants about Health Connector Denials

On March 20, 2015 the Health Connector began sending out delayed denial notices to a group of 34,000 immigrants who it says are not eligible immigrants.

Some of the immigrants getting these notices are legal immigrants who should not be denied.

Attached is an alert for affected immigrants including information about how to get legal assistance. Please help GBLS and MLRI to identify legal immigrants incorrectly denied benefits by distributing this form and letting any of your patients or clients know how to contact us.

Immigrants in this group applied through or by filing the paper ACA-3 application form. They received a notice from MassHealth approving them for only MassHealth Limited, Health Safety Net or Children's Medical Security Program. They were denied coverage through the Connector; however, they received no notice from the Connector until now. The Connector is now sending delayed denials to these immigrants.

We know in at least some cases, eligible immigrants with documents and document numbers listed on their paper application had €‹their immigration status erroneously listed as "none of the above" by state workers€‹ entering information from the paper application into the computer. At least some of the delayed denials are being sent to eligible immigrants due to this "none of the above" data entry error.

Attached are flyers in English and Spanish. We hope to have additional languages soon.