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Blog Archive for September 2013

Sorry for the last minute notice, but AARP is doing a Webinar this afternoon at 3 PM regarding SNAP access barriers for low income persons ages 50 - 59. We just learned of this webinar this AM.  Please register for the Webinar following the information below and check out their terrific white paper.  Below is the email from Hiram Lopez of AARP.
DTA Guidance on October COLA and November Reduction:
On Friday eve, DTA issued Operations Memo 2013-51 with instructions to the field on how the SNAP benefits will be calculated in both October and November 2013. The SNAP ups and downs are a little confusing, so you need to read these materials carefully.  In short:  

As you have likely read from news last night or this AM, the U.S. Congress took the draconian step of voting to cut the SNAP program by $40B. This is truly stunning in our country. Please note, the House Members of the MA Delegation ALLvoted against the House Farm Bill nutrition title cuts. Please thank them.  We need to keep the pressure up so that the House/Senate Farm Bill Conference members - once appointed - will REJECT these cuts!

This is a reminder that the next Boston-based Food SNAP Coalition Meeting is Tuesday, September 24th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House (39 Boylston Street in Boston, 6th Floor).
The Coalition AGENDA will include:
  • Farm Bill 2013 redux: Assessment of what Congress did or did not do tomorrow, and next steps for Coalition Members.  Please make those calls to your Congress Member today !
If have time for ONE phone call to your Member of Congress today, this is it !
The following alert is from our friends at the Food Research Action Center:

Below is the upcoming schedule of Basic Benefits Trainings for September 2013 through March 2014.  The first training is on the UI program – September 25th.  For a more detailed description of each session and to register, go to: Thanks to the generosity of MCLE, the training fee for all participants is $25 per session, unless otherwise noted for private attys.  This includes materials and Advocacy Guides. Mark your calendars !

The graphic below from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities highlights the impact of the SNAP cut starting November 1st. See also August 2013 CBPP analysis of cuts by state.