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Blog Archive for December 2012

This is NOT a happy new year for unemployed workers. There has been NO action taken by Congress to extend the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program - a 100% federally-funded extension of UI benefits to persons whose regular UI benefits ran out (called Unemployment "compensation" or "insurance"). 

Over 42,000 long term unemployed individuals are expected to lose their EUC benefit in Massachusetts, receiving NO additional UI check next week.

Important information to help clients:

Ah, the joys of that gleaming, empty 2013 calendar waiting with anticipation for your schedule!  For those of you who like to plan ahead, here's the schedule for the ten Food SNAP Coalition meetings for 2013 held in Boston.  As soon as we get the schedules for the Western Mass and Worcester SNAP Coalition meetings, we will let you know.

Over 42,500 residents of Massachusetts who have been receive UI (Unemployment Insurance, also called Unemployment Compensation) are scheduled to lose their weekly benefits by the end of THIS WEEK! 

Attached is zip code breakdown of the UC beneficiaries for every city/town and zip code area of the state so that you have some sense of the number of UI beneficiaries in your service area whose benefits will run out. (We received this zip code file though DHCD in an e-blast to the fuel assistance agencies). 

Today's Boston Globe included a story, "Children of Working Poor Caught in Pinch of Recession" and how kids are struggling to help supplement income in their low-wage households, sometimes dropping out of school to do so.

As most of you have probably seen in the news, the current Sec. of EOHHS JudyAnn Bigby is stepping down. The new Sec. will be John  Polanowicz who comes from the world of hospital administration most recently running St. Eliz. hospital.

Also leaving is Sec. of Admin & Finance Jay Gonzalez. Replacing him will be the current director of the Health Care Connector, Glen Shor. 

The new director of the Connector will be Jean Yang who has been the Connector's CFO.

Below is information on a workshop on 12/20/12 involving Employment and CORI (Criminal Offender Record) situations that may be of interest to Coalition members. Whether or not you can make this workshop, we also have a wide range of materials available to clients and advocates dealing with CORI issues in housing, employment, juvenile records and more at: or

This past September, DTA announced revisions to the My Accounts Page (MAP) - which now includes notices and forms dating back 12 months (a change recommended by the Food SNAP Coalition!), as well as a pilot for certain providers to access the MAP directly (still being tested). See DTA Operations Memo 2012-41, available on Mass Legal Services at: /content/ops-memo-2012-41-changes-dta-my-account-page-map-client-portal-and-provider-access-pilot

Because of state legislation enacted in July 2012, DTA is now (1)