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Blog Archive for July 2011

See email below from USDA regarding a SNAP outreach seminar in mid-August. Please register DIRECTLY with USDA for this Webinar.

fPlease join us!

Outreach Coalition Webinar Series:

Increasing Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Among Latinos:
Highlights in Best Practices from Around the Country

Many of you may have seen today's Globe highlighting the alarming growth in underweight and malnourished young children seen at Boston Medical Center since the on-set of the recession, with food and shelter costs rising constantly, from 12% of emergency room children of surveyed families in 2007, to 18% in 2010:

This is a brief reminder that the Food SNAP Coalition will meet tomorrow, July 26th, from 10 to 12, at St Francis House.
This is the LAST meeting for the summer until September.

* * *

Hope you are withstanding the heat, getting some cool drinks and staying in the shade or have access to AC!! The LAST meeting of the summer for the Food SNAP Coalition is on Tuesday, July 26th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House. The next Coalition meeting will be on September 27th (last Tuesday of the month). We skip August!

The July 26th AGENDA will include:

* Update on the federal debt ceiling debate and potential impact on safety net programs
* State FY2012 budget: campaign to increase number of front line SNAP staff

This email is to confirm the time and location of the upcoming Food SNAP Coalition meeting with USDA Undersecretary Dr. Janey Thornton. The meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, July 19th
11 AM to 12:15 PM

ABCD Cass Conference Room
178 Tremont Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111

If you have not already RSVP'd, please do so in order for us to have enough chairs and materials ! If you have, no need email.

The following are some important SNAP-related policy updates for your anti-hunger work:

1. SNAP applications filed through the Web Units:
Based on the MLRI legal clinics at St Francis House and Cardinal Medeiros, we have identified a couple of issues that are worth bringing to your attention in case your clients have had these issues:

Massachusetts has gone through a lot in the past two months which are cause for pause, reflection and action.

Kip Tiernan - Hunger Champ Extra-ordinaire:

We have received an invitation for the Mass Food SNAP Coalition to meet with USDA Undersecretary Dr. Janey Thornton on Tuesday, July 19th. The Undersecretary is in Boston on the 19th and very interested in meeting with members of the Massachusetts Food SNAP Coalition. We have scheduled a meeting from 11 AM to 12:15 PM.

Here's two important policy updates that will improve SNAP access for low income clients, especially elder and disabled households. A big thanks to DTA for tackling these issues, both of which had some BEACON systems implications that had to be dealt with.

1. Minimum $16 SNAP benefit for 1 and 2 person households: