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Erroneous SNAP COLA Reduction Notices: We have heard from a couple of SNAP households that the amount of their SUA reductions is woefully incorrect. Please let us know if you see any SNAP recipients who received DTA notices telling their SNAP benefits would be reduced by more than $11 due to the federal cost of living (COLA) change in the standard utility allowance (SUA). Attached below is a redacted sample notice we received from one SNAP recipient advising her that her SNAP benefits would go from $200/month to $52/month.

We understand folks are busy on many levels with the state budget, fundraising activities, etc. We wanted to update you on one of the items in tomorrow's Coalition meeting agenda re when a SNAP household must provide verification to DTA of "questionable information."

The following email is from MLRI's AmeriCorps Fellow, Kelly Love:

The next meeting of the Food SNAP Coalition is Tuesday, April 26th from 10 to noon at St Francis House in Boston (39 Boylston Street, Boston). The agenda will include an update on the state and federal budgets and discussion of recent SNAP policies (SUA, recertifications, immigrant household applications), and future SNAP waivers. An agenda will go out under separate email on Friday.

Meanwhile, we wanted to alert you to a number of important issues:

In a few days, DTA will start sending notices to roughly 130,000 SNAP recipients advising them their SNAP benefits will be reduced in May based on changes in the benefits calculation and cost of living. The maximum reduction will be $11/month, some will get a lower reduction. Please note - this SNAP reduction is NOT related to the federal budget deliberations (but we guarantee that cuts to benefits will be wider and deeper if we cannot stop Congress from block granting SNAP! Make those calls!)

There is a LOT going on this week. Sorry for all the emails. THANK YOU for making those calls !!!

1) Federal budget:
If you had NOT had the chance to make a call to your Congressperson to urge them to vote NO on the federal cuts before them today, NOW is the time ! Capital Switchboard: 1-888-245-0215.

Over 800,000 Massachusetts SNAP recipients may lose benefits, or thousands may lose their SNAP eligibility altogether. We need your calls to members of the Massachusetts House Delegation today!! Please call the Congresspersons who represent where you live and represent the clients where you work. Call the Capital Switchboard at 1-888-245-0215 NOW. The following link gives you a detailed analysis of the impact of the SNAP cut by state: 

In response to the extreme and draconian FY2012 budget released earlier this week by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), FRAC has prepared a series of resources and organized action steps to help you fight the harmful budget cuts and structural changes contained in the bill to critically-important safety net programs, including proposals to convert SNAP/Food Stamps and Medicaid to block grants.

We have gotten some inquiries yesterday about the potential impact of the federal government shut down on the food stamp/SNAP and other programs. DO NOT PANIC, but DO TAKE ACTION !! Here's the skinny on the shut down - SNAP and WIC will continue.... for a while.

As discussed at March 29th Food SNAP Coalition meeting, USDA requires states to make sure their SNAP applications allow a household to “opt out” any person who does not wish to receive SNAP benefits or give information on their citizenship/immigrant status or Social Security Number (SSN). current version of Massachusetts’ online (a.k.a.

The email I sent last night did not go through properly. Apologies. Here is the text of the FRAC email and their invitation to the national conference call. This is a VERY important call if you can make it. 


Earlier today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) introduced his budget proposal for FY2012. While details are still emerging, the proposal would convert SNAP (food stamps) into a block grant.

FRAC has issued this statement: