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Health-Law-Announcements's Blog Archive for July 2016

The latest health law updates for advocates and social service providers in Massachusetts.

A November 2015 federal regulation requires a "transparent data-driven process for states to document whether Medicaid payments are sufficient to enlist providers to assure beneficiary access to covered care and services." MassHealth has developed a draft plan and released it for public comments by August 20, 2016. 

In January, EOHHS announced plans to implement a Managed Care lock-in policy effective October 1, 2016.  This would restrict the ability of MassHealth members to freely change managed care plans. Despite opposition from most consumer, legal aid and disability rights groups, EOHHS is moving full speed ahead to implement this change. 

Proposed rules are posted on the MassHealth website with a publication date of July 20, 2016.  A public hearing is scheduled for Wed. August 10 at 10 am in Boston. Written comments are also due by 5 pm August 10.