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OLGT 2022-90: SNAP: Recertification and Interim Report Outreach

11/17/2022 - DTA
As part of the Department’s ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, a new action type has been created to reduce churn amongst... Read more

OLGT 2022-91: Cross Programs: Proactive Client Outreach Actions

11/17/2022 - DTA
The Department continues to leverage new ways to proactively work with clients to improve benefit access. Systems changes are scheduled... Read more

OLGT 2022-92: TAFDC: Revised Assignment of Support Rights, Cooperation with Child Support, or Good Cause Claim Form and Revisions to Good Cause Procedures

11/17/2022 - DTA
TAFDC clients are required to assign their rights to receive child support to the state and to cooperate with Department of Revenue/... Read more

OLGT 2022-93: TAFDC: Restart of Learnfare Requirements 2022-2023 School year

11/17/2022 - DTA
The TAFDC Learnfare requirement mandates that any child age six (or in first grade, whichever occurs later) through age 15 must attend... Read more

OLGT 2022-94: SNAP: Medical Deduction Outreach

11/17/2022 - DTA
As the Department prepares for the eventual expiration of the Public Health Emergency and associated waivers, SNAP households will no... Read more