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2017 EAEDC Advocacy Guide

Marion Hohn, CWJC, Patricia Baker, MLRI, Laura Gallant, NHC

An Advocate's Guide to Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children in Massachusetts - 2017 Edition! EAEDC is a state-funded cash assistance benefit for individuals with disabilties (typically awaiting an SSI determination or appeal), elders age 65+ who do not qualify for federal SSI, and certain children who do not qualify for TAFDC.

Using a question and answer format, this updated 2017 EAEDC Advocacy Guide covers the eligibility criteria, application process and verifications, disability evaluation process, how the EAEDC benefits are calculated and appeal rights. The Advocacy Guide provides detailed references to DTA regulations and procedural materials governing this program. The Guide also includes copies of the most up-to-date EAEDC Medical Report form, EAEDC Disability Supplement, the disability "grid" used by the Disability Evaluation Service and more.

  • Download the complete PDF (free) (this is a large file, it may take a few minutes to download)
  • Purchase a bound copy of the September 2017 Guide from MCLE ($9.95)

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