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Chapter 194: Establishing an Alternative Education Grant Program


This law establishes an alternative education grant program for the purpose of providing grants to assist school districts with the development and establishment of alternative education programs and services to students suspended or expelled from school. The grants support the development of alternative education programs which: (1) allow school districts to coordinate efforts to establish interdistrict regional alternative education collaboratives to provide educational services to suspended or expelled students; or (2) establish a district based alternative education program for those students. The grants also encourage voluntary expansion of existing alternative education programs in the commonwealth, and are to be used to provide alternative education programs for students who are at risk of educational failure due to truancy, or dropping out of school. Grants may also be used to assist in developing programs that provide a range of approaches to address behavior issues, such as behavior specialists, in-school suspension rooms and crisis centers, in addition to out-of-school alternative settings.

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