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FRAC/Unidos webinar today, National Day of Action Monday!

Webinar: What Recent Actions on SNAP, P-EBT, and WIC Mean for Food-Insecure Latino Children and Families - In English TODAY, February 19, y Español 24 de febrero

Vaccination Distribution Update

A few announcements and updates on vaccine distribution:
Sign the Petition for Racial Equity in Vaccine Rollout:

Transportation services to COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Important news about transportation to vaccine appointments for all Masshealth and Health Safety Net Patients eligible to receive COVID vaccines. 

Vaccine Equity Now! Call To Action Wed Feb 17 at 1:30

No mtg today, homeless liaisons, FNS NERO org chart + trainings

There is no SNAP Coalition meeting today! The next Zoom will be next Tuesday, 2/23 from 10-11:30 AM. Agenda and Zoom link to come later this week. 
New - DTA Homeless Liaisons for each local DTA office area 

More vaccine distribution news


Feb 15, 2021 Health Update on Vaccine Distribution


Feb 12 updates & upcoming events

Feb 12, 2021 Health Update 

Greetings everyone,

Below are several updates & upcoming events for the next two weeks. 

709,000 unemployment recipients emailed about SNAP + EBT cards for dire need cases

Feb 5 Health Update


Some highlights from events in the last week...


big news for SSI kids, P-EBT outreach, MLRI SNAP resources and more!

To: SNAP Coalition 
Fr: Vicky Negus and Pat Baker
Happy Friday! A number of resources, updates, and information below.