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Hello all, 
A few brief updates: 

1. Secretary Becerra extended the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency for another 90 days from Jan 16, 2022. This is the 8th 90 day extension since the PHE was first declared in Jan 2020. 


Before the long weekend, we are excited to share some important updates and resource from USDA and USCIS that may be helpful in your SNAP and cash advocacy for the immigrant communities you serve.

USDA and USCIS issue joint letter to state on SNAP and public charge 

We are forwarding this info from MassHealth on extension of the response deadline on these two RFIs from Jan 15 to Feb 4. The RFIs are attached but if you are responding be sure to look at the additional  information  posted on the RFIs website at the links shown below.

Greetings all.  We hope you are continuing to stay healthy and safe as Omicrom rips through the Commonwealth’s schools, work places, hospitals and more.  Hang in there!

FRAC Webinar tomorrow, January 11th at 4 PM EST re SNAP’s Shelter Cap

Hello all, and happy new year!
A few upcoming meetings/events: 
DTA shipped out this email this AM re all DTA offices being closed. Note that some offices were independently closed this week due to Covid infections among staff and we do not know what that looks like. For households in need of emergency EBT cards, the DTA Assistance Line and/or Ombuds may be able to arrange overnight mail. Call the Ombuds in that case.
All DTA offices will be closed tomorrow (1/7) due to the storm - see announcement on 

Happy New Year!  We hope you are continuing to stay healthy and safe, and especially now with the pandemic continuing to ramp up.  But we have some great action steps while you hunker down.