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Materials from the November 6, 2019 SSI and SSDI basics training, presented as part of the MLRI/MCLE Basic Benefits Training series

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

Fred Corbit

Powerpoint slides for Fred Corbit's webinar, "Prioritizing Debts of Survivors of Domestic Violence."

Erika Sussman

Many survivors of domestic violence find themselves with criminal records.

Amy Traub, Demos, and CSAJ

How employer credit checks impact employment opportunities for survivors.

Jamie Andree, JD

CSAJ's Expert Advisor, Jamie Andree, provided a webinar training on a range of tax advocacy issues facing survivors. 

Jamie Andree, Laura Russell, Katie VonDeLinde

Laura Russell, Jamie Andree, and Katie VonDeLinde presented a webinar to enhance individual survivor centered advocacy and share legal re

Persis Yu

On January 30, 2019, Persis Yu, Staff Attorney with the National Consumer Law Center, presented a webinar to provide an overview of the s

The Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors Initiative

To effectively advocate for remedies that balance economic and physical safety considerations, consumer lawyers need to identify whether

Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Civil Appeals Clinic Training Manual reviews appellate rules, strategy and other considerations and is a useful resource for those pa


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