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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.

US Supreme Court
Supreme Court case holding that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grants parents of a disabled child independent, enforceable
Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund
American Council of the Blind v. Astrue
US Supreme Court

This case is about whether meaningful access to the public schools will be assured, not the level of education that a school must finance

US Supreme Court, Justice Rehnquist

Eight year old student with spina bifida required CIC (clean intermittent catherization) every three - four hours to prevent kidney damag

US Supreme Court, Justice Rehnquist

Supreme Court case that interprets and defines the statutory term, Free and Appropriate Public Education

National Senior Citizens Law Center

Another federal district court has rejected the SSA's policy of using the mere existence of an outstanding warrant to terminate benefits


A US Magistrate Judge has ordered the state to provide "active treatment" to residents of nursing homes with intellectual disabilities (m


A summary of the facts, legal claims, and requests for relief in the class action challenging the lack of community services for people w

Judge Zobel

Judge Zobel's Feb 3, 2006 order on the relief for children & youth under age 21 denied access to adequate dental care in MassHealth.

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