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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.


Social Security benefits of claimant may be reduced upon receipt by claimant of disability pension under Civil Service Retirement System.


cert. granted and judgment vacated 507 U.S. 956, 113 S.Ct. 1378, 122 L.Ed.2d 754 (1993).


ALJ is not qualified to interpret raw medical data in functional terms, but in this case, ALJ warranted in finding that claimant's physic


Conflicts in evidence are for the Commissioner to resolve.


Vacates a judgment by the district court awarding claimant's counsel fees for representation of the claimant before the administrative ag


Report of non-examining, non-testifying physician may, under some circumstances, act as substantial evidence to support a finding that a


At Step 4, claimant will be found not disabled when she retains the RFC to perform the actual functional demands and job duties of a part


Explains the requirements for intervention as of right.


ALJ may make common sense judgments about functional capacity based on medical findings as long as he does not overstep the bounds of a l


EAJA fees denied because Plaintiff did not meet definition of prevailing party.

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