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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant separated from subsidiary part-time employment for disqualifying reasons, but at the time did not know or have reason to know of

BOR (Board of Review)

A claimant who attends a training program without actively searching for work while his Section 30 disqualification is appealed, is deeme

BOR (Board of Review)

Where the DUA gave the claimant erroneous information about the date her section 30 application was due, and she submitted her applicatio

Gants, C.J.

SJC decision reversing the MassHealth board of hearings  in two cases concerning eligibility for nursing facility care.

Pauline Quirion

Here is is the updated 2017 updated GBLS Crimianl Record Sealing and CORI Law Manual.

James Robart, USDJ
Allison Burroghs, USDJ

Expires 2/5/17 at 1:00 am.

Temporary restraining order issued ordering, among other items:

Carey, Superior Court

Successful 30A appeal of an adverse decision by a Department of Children and Families' Fair Hearing Officer.

Masing, J.

This is a Western MA Housing Court case involving damages under quiet enjoyment, habitability, and 93A for a manufactured home park. The

Fein, J.

Decision by Justice Fein (Housing Court Western Division) re possession of "a portion of a single marijuana cigarette" in an apartment as


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