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Briefs, Pleadings, Comments, Advice & Advocacy Letters

Sample briefs, pleadings, client advice letters, advocacy letters and comments prepared by advocates that can be used as models by other advocates.

MLRI and others

In July 2017 EOHHS released for public comment proposed amendments to the MassHealth 1115 demonstration.

MLRI, ACT Coalition

On June 20, the Governor asked the conference committee to include a package of reforms in the budget for the fiscal year staring July 1,

MLRI and others

MassHealth filed a proposal to end provisional income eligibility for adults in MassHealth and the Health Safety Net (except adults who a

Laura Spark and Vicky Pulos

Attached is the report of a survey of bilingual enrollment assisters and advocates conducted by MLRI on the experience of Limited English

MLRI and 9 others

Comments filed by MLRI and 9 other provider and consumer advocacy organizations recommending improvements in MassHealth transportation pr

Naomi Meyer

Complaint filed by Naomi Meyer on behalf of LEP client who was denied DTA benefits due to language barriers.

Vicky Pulos & Teresita Ramos

Attached are MLRI comments on MassHealth's Draft Language Access Plan.

Deborah Harris and Victoria Negus

Comments on the Interim Final Regulations implementing section 4013 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 regarding SNAP state agencies’ use of

Vicky Pulos and others

This is a letter signed by legal aid and disability rights organizations to Sec.

Vicky Pulos

EOHHS has released proposed rules that will significantly restrict eligible services in the Health Safety Net as early as April 1.

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