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Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Boston, Mass. – The Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI), a nonprofit statewide poverty l

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Provide a State-funded Cash Rebate for Massachusetts Families who pay taxes with ITINs 

The Medicare Advocacy Project

Part D is Medicare’s outpatient prescription drug benefit.

National Housing Law Project

Advocates are encountering courts that believe the housing protections under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) lapsed because of Cong

Jamie Andree, JD & Theo Ciccarelli Cornetta, JD

In this Advocacy Brief, CSAJ’s Expert Advisors, Jamie Andree and Theo Ciccarelli Cornetta of Indiana Legal Services Low Income Taxpayer C

Victims Law Center/ GBLS/ Various

Vicitms of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence can change their locks quickly if they are afraid.  Read to find out how to do it properly.

Office of Medicaid; MLRI, HLA, DLC & GBLS

In August 2018 legal advocates wrote to the Medicaid director identifying several ways that current MassHealth regulations and policies o

Nancy Lorenz

This is a redacted Complaint seeking judicial review of the Board of Hearings final action denying the appellant's motion to vacate the d

Vicky Pulos

In January, 2018 the Governor's budget bill (H2) once again proposed dropping 140,000 nondisabled adults with income over 100% FPL but un


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