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Administrative Decisions

Decisions issued by an administrative agency, administrative law judge, or administrative council.

BOR (Board of Review)

Whether a claimant separates from her job for urgent, compelling, and necessitous reasons is analyzed based on all of the facts and circu

BOR (Board of Review)

Home health aide remained eligible for partial unemployment benefits when she declined hours offered by an employer which conflicted with

BOR (Board of Review)

Shipping facility worker became pregnant with a 10 lb.

BOR (Board of Review)

A temporary employee who, prior to filing for benefits, communicates with the employer at the completion of his current assignment withou

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant whose school’s cosmetology program renewed Section 30 eligibility between her application for training benefits and her appeal t

BOR (Board of Review)

The Board reversed a Section 30 disqualification during the summer semester where, after remand, he demonstrated that he would be enrolle

BOR (Board of Review)

Part-time behavioral therapist assigned to work with children in and around Boston should not have been disqualified for turning down ass

BOR (Board of Review)

Case manager, who had used up her FMLA and was told to return to work, left her full-time job due to urgent, compelling, and necessitous

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant was entitled to apply for Section 30 benefits where domestic violence interfered with her ability to meet the 15-week applicatio

BOR (Board of Review)

Adjunct professor did not get reasonable assurance of teaching courses under substantially similar economic terms and conditions as in he

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