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Administrative Decisions

Decisions issued by an administrative agency, administrative law judge, or administrative council.

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant eligible for training benefits where her program was eligible for participation in Section 30 at the time she began her studies,

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant who submitted an official transcript, along with numerous other official documents from her school, as well as sworn testimony f

BOR (Board of Review)

Where the record showed that the claimant continued her part-time on-call work for this subsidiary employer during the benefit year, and

BOR (Board of Review)

The claimant’s classroom instruction in combination with her clinical training constituted full-time training within the meaning of G.L.

BOR (Board of Review)

Based upon the review examiner’s finding that the claimant was told she needed proof of citizenship or a passport before the Career Cente

BOR (Board of Review)

Although the claimant’s school had allowed its Section 30 approval to lapse, the DUA’s JobQuest database now shows that it was approved f

BOR (Board of Review)

An adjunct professor, who was offered 2 classes for the fall semester, did not have reasonable assurance of reemployment in the subsequen

BOR (Board of Review)

Review examiner erred in ignoring 430 CMR 4.45(3) and concluding that the claimant, whose availability for work was medically restricted

BOR (Board of Review)

The employer bears the burden of proving that a claimant had reasonable assurance of re-employment under G.L. c.

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant is disqualified during the period that she was medically unable to work.

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